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Coated fibreglass cloth

Silicon-coated fibreglass cloth features better operation properties: thin and strong, it is mechanically stable and extremely flexible. Silicon-coated types of fibreglass cloth are used as belts, vacuum membranes, heat and smoke protective blankets and diaphragms. Along with dielectric properties and high wear resistance they feature a smoother surface.

Silicon-coated fibreglass cloth is used for production of protective clothes and rescue gear for the media that require high wear resistance and protection from high-temperatures, in ventilation systems and industrial equipment and as flexible binding sealants between different parts of vehicles (railway cars, buses etc.).



Fabric grade Weave type Weight, g/m2 Width, cm Spin finish type
Type TG-200 twill weave 2/2 210±5 100-200 ±1 starch
TG-300-30А harness-satin 8/3 300±20 100-200 ±1 silan
TG-380 plain weave 380±30 100-200 ±1 starch
TG-430 harness-satin 4/3 420±30 100-200 ±1 starch
check weave 600±40 100-200 ±1 starch,
Тип TG-800
Тип TG-800-30А
check weave 800±60 100-200 ±1 starch,