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Distinctive features

Advantages of the silica insulation produced in Russia:

Incombustibility: silica insulation advantage



INCOMBUSTIBILITY: SuperSilika is an incombustible material with the softening temperature of 1700°С, while the temperature of fire in closed rooms does not exceed 1000°С.



Sound insulation: silica insulation advantage


SOUND INSULATION: due to its structure, SuperSilika efficiently constrains the sound waves and reduces the shock noise level by 27 dB.




Eco-friendliness: silica insulation advantage


ECO-FRIENDLINESS: SuperSilika contains no synthetic resins or binding agents, does not release any toxic or smoke-generating gases. SuperSilika is absolutely safe for the human respiratory tract. When used for heat insulation, SuperSilika reduces energy consumption.



Low heat conductivity: silica insulation advantage


LOW HEAT CONDUCTIVITY: SuperSilika material features the heat conductivity coefficient λ -0.034W/mK (t=25°С).