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Fire curtains and doors

Silicon fibre SuperSilika material with the silicon oxide content of 96% is designed specifically for high-temperature media. As a fireproof material, SuperSilika is used for production of curtains and doors used for emergency evacuation of people in case of a fire. In residential and public buildings, offices and production units, fireproof curtains and doors are used to block the fire area and contain the combustion products.


Unlike many other insulation materials, SuperSilika contains no binding agents and does not release toxic substances when heated.


SuperSilika ensures continuous protection in the extreme temperatures of up to 1200°C, capable of resisting the short-term exposure to the temperature of 1400 °C.


SuperSilika fireproof material is used for:

                        division of spaces into fire compartments;

                        blocking the elevator, window and door openings;

                        containment of boiler houses, electric panels and control stations;

                        protection of the surrounding buildings from fire.


The fire curtains and doors are installed in accordance with the fire-safety principles of the Federal Law No.123 'Technical Regulation on the Fire Safety Requirements' for the security of your lives.