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Metallurgic industry

The processes associated with the production and heat treatment of metals require heat insulation materials. New heat-resistant SuperSilika material satisfies the modern production regulations and the environmental safety rules, and remains intact after multiple thermal cycles.

Metallurgic heat insulation material productionRLB Silika produces insulation materials of ultrapure silicon oxide fibres for the use under the maximum temperature of 1200° С.

SuperSilika is used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy for casting and pressing processes, in anti-flocculant treatment, welding, as well as air duct and hot gas release insulation.

Efficiently insulating the high-temperature sources, SuperSilika contains no binding agents, does not release any toxic and smoke-generating gases.

In the process flow of cast and rolled goods production or in stress relief operations, SuperSilika used as heat insulation material provides slow cooling of the cast material to minimise the residual stress and to achieve the required crystalline metal structure. As an insulation material with high operation properties, SuperSilika is the choice of Russian top metallurgic companies including Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, RUSAL, Izhorskie Zavody etc.

During operation in high-temperature media (converter and electric steelworks, hot rolled metal storage, rolling production), the equipment is heated, which produces defects and reduces its productivity and the occupational safety.

SuperSilika provides thermal protection for:

       - furnaces and pipelines;
       - electric equipment;
       - industrial workshop metal structures;
       - transportation machines;
       - crane runway girders;
       - transverse dikes;
       - platforms and trolleys;
       - crane cabins;
       - control stations;
       - crane mechanisms;
       - metallurgic unit elements;
       - casting spouts and grooves.

SuperSilika material features low heat conductivity and long service life. It is environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, produces no dust and causes no mechanical irritation.