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Fireplace insulation

SuperSil insulation material is specifically designed for multiple use under the temperature of up to 1200°С in compliance with the growing fire and environmental safety requirements.


Fireplace installation requires the insulation of the following:

                        1. Floor and the attachment wall of the fireplace;

                        2. Junction of the fireplace and the chimney stack;

                        3. The chimney stake pipe, especially in the ceiling rafters' area

                        4. The fume chamber deflector, the fire door, the ash-pan.


Attention: Fireplace installation requires competence in fire safety and assembly principles.


Unlike many other insulation materials, SuperSilika contains no binding agents and does not release toxic gases when heated.


SuperSilika insulates the high-temperature source, reduces the fire risk, prevents the fire from spreading.


SuperSilika material is convenient for mechanical handling, it produces no dust, causes no irritation and is produced as rolled mats.


Used for fire safety, SuperSilika insulation material guarantees the protection of the house and keeps the lives and health of people safe.