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RLB Silika is a Russian production company that since 1992 has been manufacturing eco-friendly high-temperature insulation materials of silica fibre under the brandmark of SuperSilika (previously known as SuperSil) using the aerospace technology primarily developed for the heat insulation of the multiple-use Buran spacecraft.

Silica materials are known for the multifunctional combination of thermophysical properties. Due to the high-temperature resistance and long service life under the temperature of +1200ºС, together with the dielectric, chemical and radiation resistance, SuperSilika material is suitable for use in the national defence projects, in nuclear, rocket and space, railway carriage construction and metallurgic industries of the Russian Federation. SuperSilika insulation significantly reduces the hazardous fire factors, harmful for people and property: the insulation blocks flames and sparks, contains the heat flow, restricts the temperature rise and does not release any toxic products.

Being a reliable substitute for the unsafe insulation materials, RLB Silica products can be efficiently used as fire and heat protection, sound and electric insulation.