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Bathhouse insulation

Used in bathhouse and sauna finishing, insulation materials ensure fast heating, comfortable maintenance of heat and minimise energy consumptions.

Fire-protective heat insulation is a foundation for successful bathhouse operation.

SuperSil incombustible material is designed for multiple use under the maximum temperature of 1200°С.

Batthouse insulation with SuperSil eco-friendly material facilitates natural air exchange in the building.

Unlike many other insulation materials, SuperSil contains no binding agents and does not release toxic gases when heated. For the thermostatic effect in the steam room, high-quality steam and heat insulation is required. SuperSil material is distinguished with a long service life. It is rot- and fire-resistant, and can be used for steam and heat insulation at the same time.

Due to the foil coating of SuperSil material, it is capable for maintaining high-temperature in the steam room for a long time.

SuperSil material is easy to apply, it produces no dust or sharp edges.

SuperSil application recommendations:

                        1. Attach SuperSil to the walls underneath the wall cladding.

                        2. Fixed the material to the rakes arranged with the spacing of 20 cm.

                        3. For air circulation, condensate removal and heat flow reflection, leave an air clearance of at least 2 cm between the wall cladding and the insulation layer.

                        4. Seam the mats together with an aluminum adhesive tape for proper steam and heat insulation.


Heat in your steamroom depends on the materials and technologies you choose.