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Products of silica materials

Fire bag where any belongings will be safe from fire within an established period of time. Suitable for documents, cash, jewellery, digital information carriers (USB drives).
SuperSilika tape for chimney, roof structures, a fireplace and stove installation areas.
Heat insulation case for better heat resistance of fire valve drives in duct systems.
Fireproof cloth. SuperSilika fireproof cloth for fire containment at the initial fire stage.
Flexible, filtering, gas conducting, heat-resistant SuperSilika sleeves.
Multilayered heat-resistant pad for the protection of welders from contact with hot items.
The pipe insulation jacket (PIJ) is used to reduce the cooling rate of the welded pipe seams; the heat-insulating covering (HIC) is used to protect pipe insulating coating in the area adjacent to the welded seam.
Heat retention blanket for annealing and tempering processes in the metallurgic industry.
Fabric for fire curtains.