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Insulation for chimney stacks and areas where they come through walls and ceiling

The areas where chimney stacks come through walls and ceiling are to be thermally insulated. Together with a twin wall flue, insulation in these areas prevents fires in the house. For this reason, SuperSilika stripes are highly recommended for using as incombustible thermal insulation for chimney stacks and the area where they come through the walls and ceiling. Unlike other fibrous materials which begin releasing glue vapours and decomposing into fibres at the temperature over 300°С, SuperSilika insulation contains no synthetic binding agents (such as phenol-formaldehyde resins).

SuperSilika heat insulation material does not generate dust, smoke or release any toxic substances. It can be used under the temperature of 1200°С for over 20 years without losing its properties.
SuperSilika needle material is used for insulation of boiler chimneys and fire doors, fireplaces, ceiling rafters, air ducts, and for sealing windows.