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Silica chopped yarn

Chopped silica yarn (CSY) consists of K11S6 silica yarn fragments (TU No. 6-48-143-97)

Chopped silica yarn is meant for heat and electric insulation. It is used on water boilers, boiling equipment, heating units like electric stoves, irons, and other heating devices.


Filler for materials with non-organic binding agents to produce:

- heavy-duty heat-resistant composites;

- compound high-temperature materials;

- heat-resistant spray coatings (brake pads).

Chopped silica yarn


length – 6 mm

diameter – 6 µm

density: 85 +/- 15 tex

tensile strength: > = 4.0 N

SiO2 content: > = 96%

shrinking under 1000 С: <= 3%

package: 20 kg cardboard boxes.